Beach, please! I’m back!

Okay, yea, yea, yea…. I know. I’ve said that before. And you’ve been waiting.

Living in Hawaii the struggle to real to write a blog! Oh poor, pitiful me-right?

I can write about basking on beautiful beaches, the best luau to visit, gorgeous hiking trails in the valleys of the majestic Koolau mountain range, et cetera and et cetera. And I have before. Honestly though, the intent of my blogging wasn’t to sound like a tourist guide. If anyone moving here in the future, has just moved here, or is planning a visit-they don’t need my blog to figure out Oahu with the world wide web at their fingertips!

Life was different when I lived in coastal North Carolina. There were a lot of miles to drive and places to explore every day. Small mom and pop diners to grab a bite in and review later, quaint historic towns of port to visit and explore, ferries to hop to small barrier islands, antique shops to peruse, home projects on a list that was a grocery receipt long. There was always something fresh and new to write about.

On this itty-bitty little island thousands of miles away from the nearest continent and anchored in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there’s  no where that someone hasn’t already been to and wrote about. My “niche” was nothing. Until today.

I don’t do too many home  projects these days as we live in base housing and now we pay someone else to do them to our home in North Carolina which is being rented out. I rarely even stay inside… I mean, with this (below)  as your neighborhood beach and every beach on this little speck of land looking different from the other, would you?

nb border

On those days when I absolutely can’t put off adulting any longer, I’ve been busy with writing a book. Every since my now 11 year old was 6, she’s thought it would be “really cool” if I’d write one.  Only a handful of people know what the book is about, or even that I’m writing one. Well, until now with this post… I’m sure many more people will know that I’m involved in a new project. Oops.

Without giving away too many details of my book, I will say that a hint is the new direction for which my blog posts are going from today forward. And in turn, the idea of the book has fueled my mind with ideas for the renovation of my blog. The idea of the new and improved blog is to share the gifts of the ocean that I’ve received with all who share the love of the hunt!

For those existing followers of mine, I hope that you continue to follow me down this new path and I thank you for being with me this long. Your support, comments and encouragement have meant more than you can know. Especially your patience as I went dark for a while!

To those of you who are new to my blog… Welcome… Thank you! I’m excited to share this journey of mine with you as we embark it together.

Without any further adieu….

Let’s “Seas The Day”!




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