Slim Picking Sunday

A vintage Racing Slicks wheel from a 1970’s skateboard by Roller Sports. I almost didn’t keep it but after noticing the rust and corrosion inside it, I dropped it into my bag. Cool piece to add to my collection of “Oldies” beach treasures!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. That’s what got me out of bed this morning when my husband woke me early for our weekly Sunday beach combing date day. Thanks to the pain of an abscess tooth, last night was a restless one. First thought as I wearily rolled to my other side and opened my eyes was to skip today. Just stay at home and treat myself to lounging on the sofa and binging on Netflix. Something I rarely ever do. Yet  I rolled out of bed, sipped a cup of Joe, grabbed my dive bag and my beach combing shoes, looked at my  husband and said “Ok, let’s go.” anyways. I never stop, always fearing that I’m going to miss something special washing ashore on the beach.  Even if I don’t bring home a jackpot of a haul-something, anything is better than nothing. There’s always a treasure to be found somewhere.

Folks, it was slim pickings today. Despite being ideal conditions with high surf, onshore winds, and peak low tide it was a scraping the bottom of the barrel kind of morning. We cobbled and we dug, we sifted and we sorted, we walked and we waded.

A small bounty, but treasures not the less. Another marble to the collection. A handful of shivas. Beautiful chunks of sea glass, and more.

Blues are always my favorite sea glass to find. The bottom right looks clear however there’s a faint purple hint of color to it as it is early in the “sun colored” stage seen only to the naked eye.
The front tooth of a parrotfish. I don’t know why these fascinate me so much but they do. It’s predicted that one day there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. One day, the sad reality is that there might not be any parrotfish left and these will be reminders of the life that was once in our oceans.


Two pieces of antique “sea pottery”. The top piece is from the Shenandoah Ware (1944) from the Paden City Pottery Company of Paden City, West Virginia. The bottom  piece is a nice chunk of antique Willow Tree.
A beautiful chunk of antique milk glass.
The big picture of today’s bounty. Shivas, cowries, textile cone shell, one sea marble, sea pottery, various cone shells, 70’s skateboard wheel, ceramic pieces, a chinese horn shell, pottery pieces, and various sea glass chunks.

2 thoughts on “Slim Picking Sunday

    1. Hi Pam! It takes a lot of Googling, reading various books, and help from the beach combing community. Over time the knowledge stays to help identify things. If in doubt, or I find something new, I go back to researching.
      Thank you for your great question!


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