Slim Picking Sunday

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. That’s what got me out of bed this morning when my husband woke me early for our weekly Sunday beach combing date day. Thanks to the pain of an abscess tooth, last night was a restless one. First thought as I wearily rolled to my other side and opened my eyes… Continue reading Slim Picking Sunday


Bucket list item: Bottle Stopper: Check!

  If you’re an avid beach comber or collector of treasures from the ocean then you likely have a bucket list of items that you’re hoping and dreaming of finding one day. I’ve been blessed to have found most of my bucket list items with the exception of a rolling-pin Japanese glass float, Davenport sea… Continue reading Bucket list item: Bottle Stopper: Check!


Beach, please! I’m back!

Okay, yea, yea, yea…. I know. I’ve said that before. And you’ve been waiting. Living in Hawaii the struggle to real to write a blog! Oh poor, pitiful me-right? I can write about basking on beautiful beaches, the best luau to visit, gorgeous hiking trails in the valleys of the majestic Koolau mountain range, et… Continue reading Beach, please! I’m back!

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The Worst Job in the World…

is working on an eco-tour boat on the West side of Oahu, Hawaii. Just kidding! It’s seriously the best job I’ve ever had. When I stated in my last post that I lead an extraordinary life, it wasn’t bragging. It was an acknowledgement to myself of the things I’ve done, the places I’ve been, the… Continue reading The Worst Job in the World…