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A stay at home mom and military wife… with a lot on my mind πŸ™‚ I was born in upstate NY, but don’t’ really call anywhere home except for where ever it might be that I’m living at the time. From a family of movers, to marrying military, home has been many different places.
I have two children, Georgia (17) and Katie (7), two dogs-a Labradoodle named Hilo and a German Shepherd named Luna, and two cats-Ivan and Wally.
I love to explore new places, find things to do, and learn new things. I’m an avid reader and lover of the coast. I live in my ball cap and jeans, and often have sandy feet from exploring the coast, dirt under my nails from working outside, or paint on my hands from doing projects.
Sitting inside on beautiful days absolutely kills my soul.
Except for spoiling myself by sleeping in, I love the quote “A rolling stone gathers no moss”. Perhaps I can motivate and inspire you through my blog to “keep rolling”.
Life is living…and that’s more than just breathing. Breathing is involuntary. Living takes risks, courage, motivation, and effort.
Every day is an adventure, but adventures don’t happen sitting on the couch. You have to walk out the door to start one.
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My idea of Heaven!!
My idea of Heaven!!

12 thoughts on “Meet the Author

  1. Hello, my name is Jack and I like your enthusiasm about our coast. I too am a coastal person and am an avid writer of poetry, and a lot of my work is about our North Carolina Coast. Have had a few things published, but mostly just enjoy the reality of my writings and thoughts. Your pictures of Beaufort were great. I have been boating in that area a lot. I am from North Carolina, Rocky Mount, though Pine Knoll Shores is home as well. Your site on line is very interesting and thank you for sharing it. If you like poetry, send me an e mail and I will share my story of The North Carolina Coast with you, just a short essay I did a while back. Have a great and blessed day. Jack


    1. Hi Jack!
      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words about it!
      I love the coast of NC and any chance I get I try to get out and learn something new about it, or revisit my favorites.
      I’d love to read your poetry, you can email it to me at
      Thank you again!


  2. HI, I enjoyed reading your blog. My sister and her husband have been living in Morehead for roughly 30 years. We are New Yorkers (upstate). Every August my family and I would make the trip down to Morehead for a family vacation staying at the Whaler Inn. About five years ago we purchased a our own unit! Last year my daughter and I went crabbing at the bridge heading to Beaufort. We really didn’t have the best luck. My sister used to crab by the Newport River but hasn’t in quite a few years and doesn’t really know of any place “new”. Can you tell me where a good place to crab might be? We are heading on next Saturday and can’t wait. Thanks for any information you can offer. My e-mail is Have a great day!


    1. Hi Joann! I’m sorry that this reply is reaching you late,this summer has been quite a busy one for me and the kids!
      My family is from upstate NY..from the Oswego and Delaware county area, Delhi, Stamford/Jefferson, Worcester/Oneonta. Where abouts are you from?
      I love the coast of NC! My favorite being Beaufort and the Outer Banks! For short family day trips, we go to Fort Macon a lot. Clean restrooms, a snack bar, shade and more family oriented than the circle at Atlantic Beach.
      Unfortunately I don’t know of any places in the public area other than the same bridge between Beaufort and Morehead City. We are military and usually go aboard the Marine Corps base in Havelock to crab from low lying piers on the Nuese River.
      I even called the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife office in Morehead asking for a spot to crab, and was only referred to the same spot you mentioned in Beaufort. 😦 It’s my goal to one day ask a few of the locals on one of my jaunts to Beaufort. That’s how I seem to find the out of the way and coolest little places I’ve visited, is by asking locals in areas I visit.
      If you’re reading this and have already returned North from your vacation, I hope you had a wonderful time here! It’s been raining a lot more than usual so I hope the weather held out for you!
      Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you return!
      Best wishes,


  3. I love your blog but it looks like you haven’t written anything for a while. Are you still doing it? We are moving from Denver to New Bern because I have to leave the altitude for serious lung issues. All I want to do is explore when we get there. I love the water and the sand between my toes. Can’t wait to go to The Bean in Oriental.


    1. Hi! Thank you for the compliments on my blog! Yes, unbelievably it’s been a year plus some since I last blogged! I’m toying around with an idea for my first post since all this time passed, so I’ll be back to it very soon! Lots of life changes, transitions, etc that have happened.
      New Bern and coastal North Carolina are beautiful places, so full of charm and character, and history! If I can answer any questions for you regarding the area please don’t hesitate to ask.
      Best wishes on your move and keep an eye out for new posts in the near future!


  4. Found your blog post about “The Shack” very helpful as we took our boat out there for the first time. We live near Raleigh and usually boat int he local lakes. Went to Carrot Island last year and decided to venture a little further. What a great day! Thanks for the insights. Hope you’re having a great summer.


    1. Hi Rob,
      Wow… it’s been a bit since you left this comment. I’ve been away from the blogging for a while, as you can see.
      I’m envious that you had your own boat to be able to put in around The Shack! My husband would often joke with others and say “If April had her own boat, we’d never see her at home.” I suppose there’s a truth in that though!
      Carrot Island, Bird Shoals, it’s all a good time out there! I’m glad you had a great experience and hope you’ve continued many times after to explore that area!
      Hope you have a great summer this year, happy exploring!


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